TLDR: I’m selling a terraform template here for creating websites on AWS with:

terraform apply

You don’t have to waste time trying to wire everything together and all the configurations. If you know how to run terraform apply and want to create a website without having to do all the boilerplate, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a terraform template for $53. Pay once then get lifetime access to the repository, code updates and any future terraform templates added.

To setup a serverless static website on AWS the right way, you’ll need the following:

  • a Cloudfront distribution
  • SSL certificates
  • IAM policies and roles
  • an S3 bucket configured for public website access
  • Route53 DNS records
  • a Lambda function for any APIs (optional)
  • API gateway for any APIs (optional)
  • Cloudwatch logging
  • S3 bucket for log storage
  • Sync static files to S3
  • Package and deploy Lambda libraries

With this template, you can create all of the above by simply running:

terraform apply

A couple years ago, I automated this entire setup with terraform in a few days. And I just recently updated it to the latest terraform & provider versions. You can get the code here and pay $53 once.


After payment, your account’s email will be invited to a repository with the terraform module. The code will be kept up to date with the latest provider updates, and you’ll have access to any future terraform templates added. Here’s the instructions and a gif showing it working

Or, if you prefer to DIY you can read the rest of this blog for step by step instructions.

Everything is setup to be free tier eligible and serverless. This will likely cost pennies to run (depending on scale), and you can setup as many websites as you wish with the code.

Live Example

website creation is in no way affiliated with Hashicorp or Amazon Web Services. Terraform and Terraform Enterprise are trademarks of Hashicorp.